Q Homes is Qatar's first and only real estate company focusing exclusively on residential rental properties (apartments and villas) and specializing in premium service for professional expatriates moving to or living in Qatar.

For Renters

Q Homes is a "touch of home, away from home" providing services that you won't find anywhere else in the Qatari market

  • An advanced rental listings search section where all our available apartments and villas for rent (not just samples) are listed, complete with maps and a downloadable brochure

  • Your personal "secure zone" within our website with information and documents available for you to view and download

  • Quick and easy online E-maintenance Ticket submission for repair items in your home

  • All the properties we lease to you, we also have management contracts or otherwise, commitments from the landlords for their own in-house system, and we always provide tenant customer service with our own fully trained staff

  • Each tenant is assigned a Customer Service Representative, who is available to you during your entire tenancy in a QHomes property

For Property Owners

For the property owner, very simply we increase the chances significantly that your apartment or villa in Qatar will rent quicker at the proper market price, while filling it with the highest-quality tenants on the market, which will save you time and money in the long run:

  1. A unique online based platform for property management accessible with 100% encrypted security from your home, office, overseas, or wherever you have an Internet connection

  2. Each landlord gets access to your own personal "secure zone" within our website

  3. Want to check on your property as a landlord? You can check status, view reports, and pay invoices, all at the click of a mouse

  4. We provide marketing, leasing, maintenance, reporting, and accounting. You just sit back and collect the rent checks

At QHomes, service is our business and our customer is King (or Queen). Our mission is to completely redesign the Qatari real estate services market for renting apartments and villas in Doha as well as property management by offering first-of-its-kind, one-of-a-kind professional service and delivering on our promises, all the time, every time.

QHomes doesn't take the typical shotgun approach in the Qatari market of doing both commercial and residential leasing, selling all types of property, and consulting or development.

Instead, we do one thing and we do it the best in the market, which is to meet the tenant's needs with high-level service that is on-par with what you experienced back home, and provide Qatari landlords with a one-stop-shop fully professional solution to renting and managing residential apartments and rentals.